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Let's start with a bit of history...

The port of Centuri is said to date back to the 6th century BC. It was known as 'Centurinum Civitas' (hence its name), and a Roman road connected it to the village of Macinaggio. In the 17th century, Centuri was the second busiest fishing port in Corsica after Erbalunga. The village of Centuri is located far from the sea and its Genoese tower, which is not uncommon in this part of the island. This would even be one of the characteristics of Northern Corsica: for centuries, the danger came from the sea, and it was vital to see the enemy coming from as far away as possible.

Today, this small village

With about 200 inhabitants and one of the busiest ports in Cap Corse during the summer, today this small village can be accessed by road, or for the more adventurous, by a coastal walk known as the 'Customs Officers' Path' starting from Macinaggio, which takes around 8 hours and offers stunning views of the sea and the islands, or of course, by sea!
In addition to being part of a circuit rich in landscapes, natural scenery, and architectural treasures (such as towers, chapels, typical hamlets, and mills), Centuri harbors a unique heritage: old colorful stone houses, and a port where you can stroll on a summer evening and relive the tradition of fishing.
Centuri is considered the village of Coral, but above all, of lobster. You'll find numerous restaurants offering this specialty. The combination of pastel-colored buildings, water, and fishing boats makes it a very picturesque place not to be missed! And perhaps for a day, take the time to wander through the alleys, savor lobster pasta with an incredible view?
Today, this small village

The Old Mill, An Unmissable Address

Founded in 1961, Le Vieux-Moulin is a hotel restaurant overlooking the port of Centuri. This restaurant offers a family-friendly and gourmet cuisine. The recipes of 'Mamie Josette' continue to charm visitors, especially the famous Centuri lobster pasta and the Cap Corse cedrat mousse, which are their specialties today. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.
Website: www.le-vieux-moulin
The Old Mill, An Unmissable Address

U Palmentu and its three magnificent terraces

Located on the port of Centuri, U Palmentu has a long history, open for more than 60 years. This restaurant offers fresh fish, lobsters directly from the fishermen of Centuri, meats, salads, as well as small dishes to share. 
In the shade, under a chestnut pergola, you can admire the ballet of fishing boats while enjoying a delicious cocktail accompanied by a cigar. Believe me, there is plenty to choose from!
U Palmentu and its three magnificent terraces

It is highly recommended to book your excursion as soon as possible, as spaces are limited to 12 per vessel. In case of bad weather, we either reschedule the booking based on availability or provide a full refund.
Not suitable for pregnant women and people who have undergone back surgery.

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